Mission Statement

The mission of the Association of Human Service Ministries of the Free Methodist Church is to:

  • provide Christ-centered support for ministry leaders,
  • promote growth of existing ministries, and
  • encourage and assist with the establishment of new ministries.

Membership with AHSM is granted by the Board of Administration of the Free Methodist Church – USA. While membership signifies a strong identification with the goals and ministries of the Free Methodist Church, AHSM agencies serve the human service needs for all, regardless of creed.

The Hands and Feet of Christ

There are outstanding acts of Christian compassion being carried out in Jesus’ name and endorsed by the Free Methodist Church – USA.  Membership in the Association of Human Service Ministries – AHSM – ensures appropriate Free Methodist connectedness and organizational integrity of ministries meeting needs of God’s children of all ages.

The most defenseless, innocent, and most at-risk for harm – the unborn – are given opportunities for life and for a healthy future through the work of the Birth Connection of Sacramento, California, and Deaconess Pregnancy and Adoption of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  These ministries provide pregnancy counseling and adoption services.

Early childhood services are provided by Heritage Ministries through its Childcare Center daycare and by Hearthstone Communities through its Early Learning Center.  

Services to teenagers are met at LYN House in Indianapolis through after-school programming, and at Oakdale Christian Academy, a boarding school in Jackson, Kentucky, that serves teenagers from across the U.S. and abroad.

Those whose lives are devastated by poverty, drugs, and injustices are served at Olive Branch Mission in Chicago and at My Brother’s Keeper in Flint, Michigan, through homeless shelters and drug and alcohol treatment programs. 

Those who are in the latter years of their lives, many of whom are low-income and in need of companionship and medical care, are served at our Free Methodist retirement and nursing homes.  Quality retirement and nursing facilities are provided by Clawson Manor of Clawson, Michigan, Heritage Ministries of Jamestown, New York, Warm Beach Senior Community of Stanwood, Washington, and Hearthstone Communities of Woodstock, Illinois.

Funding the programs that meet human service needs is accomplished through Butterfield Foundation of Oklahoma City, and Life Line Homes of Kansas City, Kansas.